Wind generator charge controller “KZ-48-50”

2630 грн.
97 USD

Main characteristics:

System rated voltage 48,0 V
Rated current 50 A
The maximum input voltage 100 V
Country of origin Ukraine
Warranty 12 months

Wind generator charge controller of “KZ” series

This charge controller is suitable for charging the battery from the wind generator. The circuit is used to detach the charge source from the battery after it is fully charged. The controller of this type is used on different types of DC voltages: 12V, 24V, 48V.

2 trimmer resistors are used in the charger circuit for setting the upper and lower voltage limits. When the battery voltage exceeds the set value, the controller switches the current from the wind generator to the ballast resistance.

Usually, 48 V batteries are used for windmills, then the upper voltage limit is set at 58.8 V, and the lower limit is set at 48 V. When the battery voltage exceeds the preset 58.8 V, the controller switches the circuit, thereby switching the electricity from the battery to the load ballast.

When the voltage drops below 48 V (set by a trimmer resistor), the controller turns off the ballast and the source is connected to the battery to charge it.

2 LEDs are used in the device, one indicates the availability of power, another LED lights up when the battery is fully charged and the current flows through the load ballast.

According to the technical requirements of the customer, our company, New Energy, LLC is ready to make a charge controller with the necessary parameters.

If buying a wind turbine charge controller from us, you get a quality product for reasonable money.

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