Vertical wind generator “Cyclone-10000”

250470 грн.
9346 USD

Main characteristics:

Country of origin Ukraine
Power 10000 W
Maximum power 11000 W
Output voltage 220 V
Working wind speed 3-12 m/s
Rotor diameter 3.8 m
Starting speed 6 m/s
Rotational speed of the generator 125 rpm
The height of the blades 6m
Blade 3 pcs.
Axis of rotation vertical
Screw pitch fixed
Type of blades hard
Blade material Aviation duralumin
Working life 20-25 years
Temperature conditions from -40 to +50º С
Warranty 12 months


This type of vertical wind generators is characterized by absolutely noiseless operation for the whole working wind range – no more than 15-18 dB. A particular advantage of this construction is highly efficient electric power generation under low and average wind flow in the range of 3-8 m/s, which greatly improves the productivity of our wind turbine designs.

I would especially like to mention the innovative design and completely new approach to the calculation of characteristics and design solutions. Due to the lack of noise and vibration, this type of wind generators may be installed near the housing and even on buildings with insignificant structural modifications by virtue of the low-turnover wind turbine (up to 200 rpm).

At the moment, tests of wind generators prototypes take place on the basis of a synchronous generator with an excitation winding of 12 kW; 1500 rpm; 380 V, for heating living quarters and heating large volumes of water (basins, tanks).

The kit includes:
1. Turbine
2. Generator

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