Three-phase permanent magnets generator-“GS-30000”

Генераторы на постоянных магнитах -«ГС»
163680 грн.
6361 USD

Main characteristics:

Country of origin Ukraine
Number of phases 3
Protection level IP 44

Additional characteristics:

Nominal power 30000 W
Maximum power 33000 W
Rated speed 750 rpm
Excitation method neodymium magnets N42
Load impedance 0,7 Ohm
Rated voltage after rectifier under load 220/380 V
Type of current alternate
Connection of windings «the star»

Permanent magnet generators “New Energy”

Low-speed permanent magnet generators are widely used in turbine-generators, installations of autonomous power plants. New Energy, LLC manufactures, carries out bench testing and organizes small-scale production according to individual technical requirements of high-quality electric generators with rated power from 300 W to 10 kW and speed from 150 rpm up to 1000 rpm.

A low-speed permanent magnet generator is usually used in areas with sufficient wind load or the possibility of creating small hydropower plants. The complexity of the calculations of this device is in the need to solve not only the traditional electromagnetic tasks, but also in calculating of the complex task of the dynamics of the generator-drive rotor system. In the course of solving this task, it is necessary to determine the dynamic characteristics of the system taking into account the real rigidity of the supports, determining aerodynamic losses on the rotors surface and additional electric losses.

Our company is able to calculate and produce a high-speed permanent magnet generator of high reliability and efficiency. At the request of the customer, we manufacture devices with a specified voltage value at a nominal power mode with the necessary revolutions. The efficiency of our permanent magnets generators reaches up to 90 percent.

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