Three-phase permanent magnets generator-“GS-2000V”

31175 грн.
1121 USD

Main characteristics:

Country of origin Ukraine
Number of phases 3
Protection level IP 54

Additional characteristics:

Nominal power 2000 W
Maximum power 2300 W
Rated speed 200 rpm
Excitation method neodymium magnets N48
Rated voltage after rectifier under load 58.0 V
Type of current alternate
Connection of windings «the star»

Permanent magnet generators “New Energy”

This type of generators of GS-V series in designed for use in wind generators with vertical axis of rotation.

Generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The energy of wind, water, fuel can act as a mechanical energy. All power plants use generators: nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydroelectric power stations, gasoline and diesel power plants and wind power plants.

All modern power generators can be divided into two main types: generators with and without excitation. For generators with excitation, an external source of electricity is needed, which allows the excitation (operation includes an electromagnet). This kind of generators is not of a high price. But a significant drawback of such generators is not high efficiency and the presence of sliding brushes, which requires frequent maintenance of the generator.

The second type of generators is made with permanent magnet excitation. They do not need a supplementary power source. In the generator, magnets are mounted on the rotor, and when they rotate, electricity is generated. This construction practically does not require frequent maintenance, since it does not contain sliding brushes. Therefore, this generator is very reliable and can operate continuously for a long time. The only thing that needs maintenance is the bearings. It is also a feature of a permanent magnets generator that it starts generating electricity immediately when the rotation starts. Therefore, these generators can be used in mobile installations, small wind generators for field work. The shortcomings include a relatively high cost and not a stable output voltage. It is necessary to additionally apply voltage stabilization systems or charge controllers for storage batteries.

Our company New Energy, LLC is engaged in the production of generators on permanent magnets for use in wind generators, hydroelectric power stations, gasoline and diesel installations.

Thanks to the appliance of powerful neodymium magnets and modern developments, we managed to achieve a generator efficiency of 90.0% and virtually eliminate the rotor magnets sticking to the stator iron.

This type of GS-V series generators is meant to be used in wind generators with vertical axis of rotation (Darie, Savonius, Gorlov’s Rotor etc.) The design uses bearings resistant to significant vertical loads. Rated turns hover from 120 to 200 rpm depending on the power.

At the request of the customer, we manufacture devices with a specified voltage at the rated power level with the necessary revolutions.

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