Control panel “VU-M 48-50”

8800 грн.
325 USD

The kit includes:

1. Automatic switch of electromagnetic braking – 1pc.
2. Local switch – 1 pc.
3. Controller of “KZ” series – 1pc.
4. Ballast resistance – 1pc.
5. Rectifier of “DML” series – 1 pc.
6. Metal cabinet – 1 pc.
7. Mortise lock with key – 1 pc.
8. Voltmeter – 1pc.
9. Ammeter – 1 pc.

The main characteristics:

Country of origin Ukraine
The maximum charging voltage, V
Minimum charging voltage, V
Rated charging current, A
Response voltage to the ballast
Rated voltage, V 48.00

Controller – manages the batteries charge, controls the rotation of wind generator blades to optimize its operation and acts as a voltage converter. Controllers on different types of DC voltages such as 12V, 24V, 48V are used for the wind generator.

Controller switches the circuit, when the battery voltage exceeds the specified parameters, thereby switching the electric power from the battery to the loading ballast (ballast resistance), and controller disconnects the ballast, and the source is connected to the battery to charge it when the voltage drops below the set parameters.

But if you do not switch to the ballast — what can happen?
Just after a short time, the battery starts boiling, and it can be thrown away. But there is more to come, or rather it’s not all the worst. The wind-wheel starts to gain uncontrollable turns and can overspeed. Believe me, it’s not a pretty show!

Unfortunately wind is not too stable phenomenon, so magnitude of current and frequency constantly changes. And in order to charge the batteries, a DC is needed, which is produced from the AC using a rectifier.

And the presence of a voltmeter and an ammeter enables real-time tracking of the wind generator actual power.

Also, our company is ready to produce the Control Panel of “VU-M” series according to individual customer specifications.

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