Anemometer remote electric

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The anemometer is designed to measure the speed of air flow (wind).

The measuring range of wind speed is from 0 to 25 m / s.

The range of wind speed indication is from 0 to 25 m / s.

The electrical supply of the anemometer is provided by the 220 W network, via a 12 V power supply.

  Weight and overall dimensions not exceeding the values ​​indicated in the table

No. Name Weight, kg Overall dimensions, mm
1 Wind speed sensor 0,630 ∅235х175
Display unit  1,100  165х285х100

The remote electric anemometer consists of a wind sensor and a sensor and power supply indication block.

The wind sensor and the display unit include:

The wind sensor consists of a housing on which the impeller is fitted and fixed with a nut, and the display unit on the front of which has an indication window and a key lock, and on the left side there is a power button, a 12 V power connection, a sensor cable connection (15 m). Connect the sensor cable and the power supply unit through the connectors in the display unit.

There are three holes for mounting the display unit on the housing.