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The company «New energy»

The company “New energy” is engaged in the development of alternative energy sources on the territory of Ukraine, as well as their production and sale both in Ukraine and abroad in countries such as Kazakhstan, Israel, Russia, etc. The main activity is the development and production of innovative wind turbines with a capacity of 30 kW and above. A feature of the developed and implemented designs is the obtaining of nominal design parameters with a minimum wind speed of the order of 1.5 – 11 ms.

In addition, another area of our activities includes the calculation, installation and warranty maintenance of solar systems.

Our company offers: according to your technical task to develop, produce, and install, with subsequent warranty service, solar installations and wind systems for obtaining electrical energy.

During our work, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of wind turbines and solar systems. Wiring is done by highly qualified specialists with higher and secondary vocational education who know their business.

Quality is our credo!

Sincerely, the director of the company “New energy” Beinik D.V.

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